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What do you do when your life turns upside down?

Read Cheryl's honest and inspirational story about surviving and thriving in her new normal.


Having trouble sleeping? Are you feeling anxious about how to manage the changes in your life?


Let’s talk! Your initial consultation, learning about the value of coaching services and how you may benefit is free.


I will use all my knowledge, support and

action-oriented practices with new methodology in positive psychology to assist you on your journey of self-discovery for sustainable well-being.


You will experience the empowering ability to find clarity, meaning and direction for your life’s vision by designing your goals for your new beginning.


You will flourish by allowing positive emotions and enjoyment take hold for your own daily happiness! Don’t wait to find joy, fulfillment and meaning in your life.

Survive & Thrive in your New Normal
Coaching Expertise

Cancer Survivorship


Survivors of Stem Cell Transplant & Recovery 


Survivors of Chronic Disease


Life Transition Challenges


Weight Management


One-One Coaching


Group Coaching 


Corporate Coaching


Educational Program Development


Event Planning

Cheryl Bonder

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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