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Cancer - The Uninvited Guest

Most of us stroll along through our days preoccupied with trying to fit in as many errands in a day as we can, rushing from one event to the next, waiting to call friends or family because we are just “too busy”. Then one day something unimaginable and incomprehensible forces you to change your perspective. You may feel well, but receive medical test results that tell a very different story. A diagnosis of cancer is freighting to say the least, what follows regarding further tests, medical procedures, surgery, and medications are beyond overwhelming. The thoughts swirl around in your head faster than you can keep up with. Will I survive- Will I die- Will I survive what I have to do to survive- If I survive will I still be able to live? So many questions, so many fears, so many disruptions.

I’m here to share some good news actually. By the year 2020, there are to be an estimated 18 million cancer survivors in the United States. That’s a lot of people who are living with what will become a chronic disease. Most of us will survive the knowledge that we have cancer, the medical procedures that will cause disruptions in our lives and the lives of our family and friends. Most of us will survive the side effects from life- saving medications. All cancer survivors have the opportunity to not only survive, but learn to thrive in your “New Normal”.

It is easy to see the negatives in all of this for sure. You will hear, see, read, and meet people that will be happy to share it all with you. The golden ticket that cancer survivors receive with their diagnosis often goes overlooked. It is your “New Normal”. A normal that allows you to empower yourself with choice. The choice of feeling grateful to be alive, appreciative of your caregivers and all those who you love and who have supported you in the worst of times. The awareness that you can design your new normal to include your dreams, goals, and create a sense of wellbeing like you have never known before.

By surrounding yourself with positive minded thinkers who are optimistic, happy, joyful and forward thinking, your vision for the lifestyle you wish can be yours. Easy- not at all. But, as we know anything worthwhile does not come to us easily. It is in the work of our accomplishments that we will find our fulfillments, satisfaction, and happiness. Seeking the assistance of a well- educated, well trained, well experienced health & wellness coach will be the ally you’ll need to move forward who can assist you with creating appropriate action steps for wellbeing to be enjoyed and sustained.

Everyone seems to be calling themselves a coach these days. Be careful. You have already overcome so many obstacles and challenges. Your coach should have received education and certifications from recognized organizations in the health & wellness profession. Training programs that are accredited by the International Coaching Federation and receipt of certification from the International Coaching Federation and the Corporate Health & Wellness Association are well known in the industry. Once the credentials are in order, find a coach that “gets” you. Meet with them for a free consultation, discuss their coaching processes and how you may benefit from their services.

Most cancer survivors will be forced to live a new normal. There is much more to life however, flourish, thrive, that’s part of the golden ticket that isn’t discussed as one of your options. It is difficult to find that path on your own. Working with a trained “ally” can get you there. I am a cancer survivor, I’m a well -trained certified coach. I chose this path, or this path found its way to me so I could learn how to not be defined by my diagnosis. It’s been a journey like no other for sure. My training, my coaches, my coaching has shown me how to listen to my heart, hear what my mind has to say, and learn how to caress my soul. It’s been eye opening, as well to find some understanding from what happened to me that I couldn’t understand. I can sympathize and empathize with your struggles and your challenges. I understand the fear, and depth of your vulnerabilities. I can honestly share with you this thought that I believe with all I have in me-

“I am blooming from the wound where I once bled” and you can too!

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