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The Power From Within

Spring showers foster the growth of fresh vibrant blooming. With the warmth and sunshine of spring comes renewal and rebirth!

Approach each day going forward with strength and wellness. Keep your vision of the life you have created or wish to create for yourself solid. With the practice of positive thinking and freedom of choice for wellbeing, your image of this life can be attained. This thought process will provide the foundation for sustainable goal oriented success that will assist you on the journey of endurance and days of light, life, and hope.

The ups and downs of troubles, challenges, the peaks and valley’s that we travel throughout our lives can be beyond overwhelming, beyond painful, beyond frightening and mysterious taking us to places so unknown within the depths of darkness we never would choose to bare witness to. It is however, the life in between that will take us to a brighter more peaceful place within ourselves where we can find solace and thoughts of better days we hope for that will be filled with health, happiness and joy. Believe in yourself, believe in your enduring strength to tackle the hard to navigate roads. Lean on your support system when you need to and be ever grateful for everyone who loves you in your life. We often overlook the spellbinding force of love and friendship by not considering it the powerful force it is for health and healing. Question until the cows come home why we must endure pain and suffering to finally get passed it. We’ll probably never know. Using valuable energy that could better be spent on healing and a positive attitude for better days would be my prescription towards a life well lived. The experience of life altering changes in our lives are just a part of what life is all about no matter what it is that you are going through. It’s how we grow and learn and it is how we thrive and flourish. Don’t be discouraged, just keep on moving on! “Experience is the hardest kind of teachers, it gives us the test and the lesson afterward”- Oscar Wilde

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