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Believe You Can and You're Halfway There

A mantra that has seen me through the most difficult of times. Holding on to positivity, hopes, and visions for a better journey ahead is what will see you there. When the world seems to be caving in around us or when hard work seems to not pay its dividends, positive thinking is certainly hard to hold on to. Do it anyway and keep doing it. Our desires for our careers, our health, our relationships usually show up just not in the exact way we envision them or within the timing we would like. Each step you take in the direction of your goals is getting you closer to reaching them every day. Believing that you can attain your most heartfelt desires and life vision is half the battle of getting there.

I recently endured an extremely painful and frightening health situation. I was on my way fulfilling career goals, developing relationships, and making travel plans. Well, there seemed to be other plans for me. Out of the blue I was hit with this scary scenario that totally spooked my medical team and me. I was more than frightened, angry, sad, frustrated and every other thought you might think of given my situation. I held on, telling myself every day was a day closer to getting stronger and healthier. I chose a dedicated, intelligent, caring medical team. Neither of us caved or gave up. We tried a number of medications, and meditations until we found ourselves halfway to better days.

I am so grateful and appreciative to everyone that supported me through this dark time. As a Stem Cell Transplant Survivor, I can’t say I haven’t been here before. I knew that giving up would be a waste of my energy and the energy my whole network of support had exhausted. The “New Normal” after illness or any other life transition will always present with challenges. My gift to you are my words and experience of staying strong, persevere, and maintain hope. Believing you can reach your goals are half the battle of living them.

I celebrated my 3rd year post transplant. This is no small task. It took a team of folks to help me see this day. It took inner strength, grit, and empowering myself with my belief that I would get to the places I desire. It doesn’t happen how I want it to, or when I want it to but it does happen.

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