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New Beginnings- 2017

With a new year comes new beginnings. My hope is for us all to take stock and be mindful of what we define as important to spend time on this year. Allow yourself to see and enjoy all of life’s glory. Shakespeare said, “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace until the last syllable of recorded time.” New beginnings offer us a do over, new beginnings offer us the opportunity to reach for our hopes with renewed spirit and strength. Don’t waste your days with feelings and thoughts that take you too far off your path for living your best life.

For me, the summer months were quite challenging. My strength, belief, and positivity had certainly been tested by health challenges. Life and death can sometimes seem so closely bound. Just one misstep can take you to another world. I have faced death in the face over these last years since my stem cell transplant for a rare blood disorder and I have been able to walk past it. I am grateful and appreciative of every challenge I have had to endure. It has made me stronger and more concentrated than ever on making the best choices for my well-being.

It would be easy to give in to pain and fear and just call it a day, but all that I would miss would be a terrible shame. So therefore, I refused to give in, I refused to let go of my hopes and dreams. That is what grit is all about. Its grit that allows you to persevere, its grit that will push you further toward your greatest potential. I am grateful that I have been able to overcome these past challenges and that I am facing the start of a new year with new hopes, and a stronger vision for my many tomorrows I believe I will see. With every challenge, with illness or in the absence of illness, a new layer of strength and determination is uncovered. Not until we are past the struggles of our challenges do we even realize this.

Be mindful of all the jewels in your life.-The family and friends that hold you and encourage you, the love, friendship, and strength you get and offer others. Value these gifts. Without hesitation, I can say the depth of these feelings and energy you put into them will take you to heights you only hoped to achieve. Set your intentions on more love in your life, and more of the best life can offer can come back to you. There is no doubt that sadness, loneliness, and hurt will touch you, but the amount of attention you give it will determine how deeply they will scar your soul.

The world is changing in ways we wish to not see, be kind to each other, be kind to yourself and with luck, and hope the love will spread! I wish you all the best of new beginnings!

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