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What happened to love, Kindness and Compassion?

The world seems like a much darker place than I ever remember it being. School shootings, skin slashing’s, punching people until they fall down just for the thrill of it? Something is definitely out of sync.

People are inherently decent. Somehow life has skipped out on loving kindness, compassion, and tolerance. The darker sides of character have been given too much power. We must find a way back to the thinking of and being of decency, humility, and a unified humanity. The loss of love, feelings of inadequacy, and the desperate need of belonging has given power to negative thoughts and negative behavior.

Certainly, true psychotic behavior must be recognized and treated not ignored. This depth of darkness won’t go away with time. The subtle sadness that rises up in us like a slow burning fire has been turning into an inferno of violence, brutality, and plain meanness. Everyone, regardless of issue or challenges deals with negative thoughts and we all give it much more power than it deserves. Reaching out to show love, friendship, companionship, empathy, compassion, support, tolerance and understanding must be at the forefront of every relationship regardless of the length and scope of that relationship. These character traits must be nourished. As a community, it is our responsibility to raise awareness to those who need an extra hand, an extra hug, more love and understanding. It is our responsibility to keep each other safe and secure in knowing that our family of humans will take care of our back.

The lack of understanding from those who suffer from narcissistic and psychotic behavior don’t have the capacity to help themselves. The rest of us that do have to step up. The rest of us that do must never relent, must never turn away if we are to change the way of the world. Power of money, prestige, economic and social hierarchy blind us to the thoughts that we are above better appropriate behavior. Fighting, anger, meanness, bullying never ever wins. In the narcistic/psychotic mind the immediate pleasure of getting what they want turns into a game of winning and losing in their minds. This behavior, this character trait never ever will win.

We have the manpower to make change-There are more of us with the ability to see and act to make change. Let’s move ourselves, motivate each other for a better life, a better, safer, happier world.

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