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A Thread in the Tapestry

Are you struggling with how to stay strong when you feel your life has taken a dive?

Finding the way to live life in your new normal when it has no resemblance to what you thought it would ever look or feel like is one of life’s greatest challenges. I’m sure many of you have been faced with health challenges, uncomfortable family dynamics, relationships that you believed would go on forever but turned very bad, or career setbacks.

Well, I guess the options are to feel victimized and choose to live as a victim of your circumstances or to rise to the challenges that present themselves. Living with a why me, I can’t do anything because… will just leave you empty, depressed, hopeless, and unhappy. You may have every good reason to feel this way, but staying in this place will entangle you in a web of complete despair and unlimited negativity that will take you nowhere good.

Rise up and face uncertainty, fears, and struggles head on with an inner voice that screams you can and you will get through this challenge and every other challenge that follows it. Your inner voice tells you that there is no other way to find peace with the life you are meant to live. Strength will prevail out of the positivity you begin to feel and make a part of your life’s tapestry. The more positive you think, the more positive you will feel and brighter days will be yours.

Move forward with positive thoughts, actions, hope, and the belief that you will live you best life. You have the power to create and design what you want in your life however long, short, discolored, or colored it is. You may be surprised at what a great story it turns out to be!

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