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Live with Abundance

With the new year, a few tumultuous challenges are already underway- government shutdown leading to employees without pay, many medical clinical trials on hold, programs for family care disrupted and overwhelming concern for our country’s welfare. Yikes that is a lot to take in. Amid tremendous fear, chaos, and uncertainty there are a few things we can do that will make a hugh impact on everyone’s well-being.

We can show kindness and compassion to our fellow human partners in our world. Donating to local food banks, volunteering at local food pantries, partnering with businesses offering services, food, and medical resources may be a start. Finding ways to perform random acts of kindness in any way possible brings back the so needed decency of humanity that many of us are starving for.

I know for sure that if we can live through these times coming from a place of abundance and not scarcity there will be wealth in your sharing love and kindness.

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